Name Tag and Language Stickers

Name Tag and Language Stickers

In the first AFIC, we are expecting participants not only from Asia but also from other parts of the world. Different languages are used even within Asia. I (Yusuke Tsutsui, a Japanese organizing committee member) once joined a Focusing conference in China. While I was feeling some relief in that people there were also Asian, I was anxious of communicating with them in a non-native language. As meeting Chinese people who spoke Japanese, or trying our best to communicate with each other in English, however, I started to feel the connection as the same focusers. Based on this experience, I am sincerely hoping to go beyond the language barrier and connect to focusers coming from a variety of places in this AFIC again. I imagine that we participants all have the similar desire for connecting with other participants through the conference.

As a support of taking up this challenge, your name tag for AFIC includes the following information.

Right side:  Language

If you can speak just a little of the following languages, please put the corresponding color sticker(s) on the lower right of your name tag.

English – Spray Blue  Chinese    – Red  Korean – Tender green  Japanese – Cherry blossom pink

 Please do not hesitate to place a sticker by judging how fluent you are in the language.Your stickers would encourage the other person to talk to you by informing you have some understanding of the language(s) he or she knows. We are hoping that the first met participants feel encouraged to communicate with each other by seeing the language stickers. You may find it helpful to use a language assistance device (Please also see “翻訳アプリ Translation applications” tab).

Left side:  Group

On the lower left of the name tag, you can find your group name for ACROSS (Asian Crossings), an updated version of “Home Time” or “Home Groups”. ACROSS mini workshop will be held each conference day in Room Fuji (富士) on the 4th floor. There are 26 groups, named A to Z. On the conference days for ACROSS time, please go to Room Fuji and find the group of chairs with your group name.

Each mini workshop will utilize different methods that facilitate crossing with each other and with symbols. “Care Takers” are assigned to take care of the groups, but please remember that the Focusing process is yours. There are no translators assigned to ACROSS. Translation assistants for presentations may be attending, but in ACROSS they participate as individuals. Please find your own intricate ways to interact with participants to take up the challenge of becoming One Asia Focusers.