There is no cloakroom at the venue. We will ask you to keep your belongings with you at all times.
It may be advised you leave your luggage at the hotel before the conference starts (most hotels would happily hold your luggage at the reception before check-in time or after check-out time).
There are baggage lockers available at several locations around Sannomiya / Kobe-Sannomiya stations (they may not always be available due to the holiday season, although some locations are less busy than others).

第1回 アジア・フォーカシング国際会議   The First Asia Focusing International Conference


  1. 名札・言語シール Name Tag and Language Stickers
  2. About Wi-Fi
  3. 翻訳アプリ Translation Applications
  4. 会場 Venue
  5. 周辺情報 Looking Around

名札・言語シール Name Tag and Language Stickers

English ver.



名札右側(Right side):  Language


名札左側(Left side):  Group



従来の「ホームタイム」を改良した「アクロス」では、毎日方法を変えて、参加者が象徴やお互いと交差(クロッシング)していくミニワークを実施します。アクロスでは、「世話人(ケアテーカー)」を設けております。世話人はワークの進行を案内していただく方々です。しかし、あくまでフォーカシングは参加されるあなたのプロセスです。また、アクロスでは通訳を設けておりません。発表の通訳として来られている方々も、アクロスでは一人の参加者です。本大会のチャレンジであるOne Asia Focusersになっていくために、皆様の創意工夫でメンバーの皆様との交流をお楽しみください。


The City of Kobe offers Kobe Free WiFi service in many parts of the city. However, Kobe Free WiFi does not connect inside the venue building.  It is advisable to rent a device which is referred to with names such as “Pocket WiFi”, “Mobile Internet” or “Portable WiFi” at Haneda or Kansai airports when you come in. You do not need to reserve them. You can rent them at shops within the airports. These devices will provide you reliable WiFi for your laptops, tablets and smartphones, so you will stay connected at all times.  At airports, you will see signs for major Japanese phone carriers such as Docomo, SoftBank and Au. These shops usually rent out WiFi devices.  For reference, please check out the following websites.

Kansai International Airport:
Narita Airport:
JAPAN WIRELESS: (the site available in English, Chinese, and Janapese)

For more informaiton on Kobe Free WiFi: (on official Kobe travel guide Feel KOBE +, available in 11 languages) (on the official Kobe city website)




今回のAFICには、One Asia Focusersというチャレンジがあり、言語を越えてつながることが求められます。
翻訳ソフト・アプリはGoogle Translateを使うと便利です。マイクも使えますし、カメラと連動させることで瞬時に翻訳してくれます。




All AFIC participants will share the challenge of One Asia Focusers – connecting with each other beyond the language barrier. In meeting this challenge, you may find it helpful to have your own language assistance device – e.g. smartphones and electric dictionaries.

Among many translation applications available for your smartphone or other portable electric device, Google Translate is a handy one. It provides functions such as “Translate by speech” (using the device’s microphone) and “Translate images” (using the device’s camera).
You could find some tips for using Google Translate on the following pages.

Google Translate Help:
Google Translate – Translate by Speech:
Google Translate – Translate images:



650-0011 兵庫県神戸市中央区下山手通1丁目2-1


This conference will be held at the Ikuta Jinja Kaikan, within the grounds of Ikuta Shrine located in central Kobe.

★ 交通アクセス From Railways★

JR「三ノ宮」駅、阪急・阪神電鉄「神戸三宮」駅から北へ徒歩10分  Only 10 minutes from "Sannomiya" stations on JR, Hankyu and Hanshin Railways.

神戸市営地下鉄三宮駅西出口3より1分. One minute from Kobe Municipal Subway Sannomiya Station, West Exit 3(西出口3).

JR「新神戸」駅(新幹線)から南へ徒歩20分  From JR Shinkansen (Bullet Train) Shin-Kobe Station, a 20 minute walk south, or 5 minutes by taxi or take the Kobe Municipal Subway to Sannomiya Station(one stop).



★ 飛行機でお越しの方 Flying In to Sannomiya (Kobe)★

三宮まで大阪(伊丹)空港から高速バスで約40分. 40 minutes on bus from Osaka (Itami) Airport. 大阪(伊丹)空港からはモノレール蛍池乗り換えで阪急電鉄(十三で神戸線乗り換え)で約1時間です。Otherwise, you can take the monorail from Osaka (Itami) Airport for one stop to "Hotarugaike" and change to Hankyu Railways (in the direction of Umeda, Osaka and then change to Hankyu Railway Kobe Line in Jusho) to Sannomiya, the approximate time required is one hour.

関西国際空港から高速バスで約65分. 65 minutes on bus from Kansai Airport (KIX) to Sannomiya.

神戸空港から車で20分 / ポートライナーで30分 30 Minutes on the Portliner from Kobe Airport.



会場周辺情報のご案内 Looking Around the Conference Venue



他にも、Readingsページ「神戸を味わう ~実行委員からのオススメ神戸~」では神戸に関する様々な情報を紹介しています。ぜひご一読ください。
神戸公式観光サイトFeel KOBE(では、飲食店や観光スポットなど様々な情報が掲載されています。ぜひそちらをご参照ください。


Looking Around the Conference Venue

There are a whole bunch of places to visit and enjoy around the conference venue!

You can first find one of the three Chinatowns of Japan - Nankin-machi (南京町; Kobe Chinatown), welcoming you with delicious foods such as pork buns at Roushouki (老祥記), and Ramen noodles at Kouran (皇蘭).

Walking through Kitano Ijinkan-gai (北野異人館街; the town of Western style residences) is also a big fun. The town includes Kobe’s representative tourist attractions such as Kazaidori no Yakata (風見鶏の館; Weathercock House) and Uroko-no-ie/Uroko Bijutsu-kan (うろこの家・うろこ美術館; Uroko House and Uroko Museum).

You can find much more information of this tempting city Kobe, from eating and sightseeing to shopping and discount coupons at:

Please note that the conference will be held in the middle of Japanese summer holidays. In order to avoid crowds and save your time, it may be desirable to look up the information that you would need for the day in advance – e.g. where to have or get your lunch.